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What are the Top 10 Pharmaceutical companies in the world?

An increasing disease burden and a growing aging population have enabled the global pharmaceutical industry to reach USD 1.4 trillion in revenues in 2021. Multiple product launches and rising R&D expenditure has fueled the market growth beyond expectations. Despite the global slowdown due to COVID-19 pandemic, growing number of industry-wide collaborations and M&A activity has […]

What are the use of Burettes in Pharmaceutical Industry?

A burette is a volumetric measuring glassware in the form of a long tube having a stopcock valve at one end. The valve is used to control the flow of the liquid. It is a graduated tube having volume markings that helps in determining the volume of dispensed liquid while performing various analytical chemical tests. […]

How to Measure Accuracy and Precision of Micropipettes?

In scientific lab environments, micropipettes are used to accurately and precisely facilitate transfer of liquid volumes in the range of microliters. They are extremely important scientific instruments used across a myriad of applications in microbiology, medical and environmental sciences for both academics and commercial research. In order to perform error-free pipetting, the pipette should be […]