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How to do pipetting of Heterogeneous Samples correctly?

What are Heterogeneous Samples? A mixture is defined as a combination of two or more substances, which may or may not be chemically combined. A mixture can be either heterogeneous or homogeneous depending on the extent to which the substances are combined, as well as the uniformity of composition. A homogeneous mixture has a uniform […]

Difference between Bottle Top Dispensers with Floating Piston and Wiping-seal Piston

What is Dispensing? The term ‘dispensing’ refers to discharging of defined quantities of a liquid substance. In order to facilitate easier, quicker and more accurate dispensing of chemical reagents, researchers are widely using bottle top dispensers. This instrument has essentially replaced the method of pouring liquids into graduated measuring cylinders. Bottle top dispensers are either […]

How to aspirate the correct volume using a pipette filler?

Using a Pipette filler Back in the day, the glass pipette used to be filled by sucking through the mouth, a phenomenon known as ‘Mouth pipetting’. However, mouth pipetting has been prohibited since long for the obvious safety reasons. Manual pipettes are usually filled using a manual pipette filler. On the other hand, we also […]

What is the History of Micropipettes?

Introduction Micropipettes are an indispensable part of any scientific research laboratory. Today, they are used in almost every scientific / research experiment. The instrument has made the life of scientific community all over the world very convenient. But have you ever wondered about a micropipette’s history? How was it invented and how did scientists handle […]