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What is the importance of soil testing in the laboratory?

Over the past few years, soil testing has become one of the most popular practices in the field of agriculture because it helps to understand the potential of the soil and how profitable it will be for the farmers. However, soil testing is not just done in the field of agriculture. This procedure is considered […]

What Is the Difference Between Gravimetric and Photometric Testing for Pipettes?

The use of high-quality precision liquid handling instruments throughout the drug discovery, testing, and production processes gives scientists and laboratory technicians a sense of confidence in their procedures. However, this high-quality instrument needs regular calibration to ensure precise measurement and transfer volumes of liquid to obtain credible results.  Even minute discrepancies in the amount of […]

Why is Drop Wise Dispensing essential for accurate titrations?

Titration is a common laboratory technique used to determine the concentration of an unknown solution or an analyte. The technique involves slowly or dropwise adding a solution of known concentration or a titrant to a fixed volume of analyte until neutralization or endpoint is achieved. It is indicated by a color change of the indicator […]

What is the role of cell culture in laboratory research?

Cell culture is the removal of cells either from plants or animals and cultivated in an artificial environment under controlled conditions for biological research. It is an invaluable tool to understand physiological processes, mechanisms of underlying diseases, effects of drugs and toxic compounds, and drug screening and development. Cell culture is also used in vaccine […]

Single-stage and Double-stage Micropipettes

Used in laboratories across industries like pharmaceuticals, F&B, environmental monitoring, life sciences, academics and more, pipettes are an essential tool and have been one since science has started to evolve. They are used to accurately measure and transfer a given quantity of a reagent from one vessel to another. A micropipette is capable of transferring […]