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Single-stage and Double-stage Micropipettes

Used in laboratories across industries like pharmaceuticals, F&B, environmental monitoring, life sciences, academics and more, pipettes are an essential tool and have been one since science has started to evolve. They are used to accurately measure and transfer a given quantity of a reagent from one vessel to another. A micropipette is capable of transferring […]

Polymerase Chain Reaction and its Applications

As the world continues to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic, there are certain terms that scientists have been using repeatedly and have now become a part of our everyday vocabulary. The most widely used is the RT-PCR test.  PCR is actually a widely used, simple yet very useful procedure in molecular biology. First discovered in […]

New Drug Development and the Role of Liquid Handling Instruments

The past few years have seen an upward rise in the number of novel diseases. It has put human life at risk and jeopardized the working of the world in several ways. More recently, COVID-19 caused by SARS-CoV-2 has disrupted our way of living. New diseases make the development of new drugs extremely essential and […]

Are Electronic Micropipettes Worth It?

When they were introduced, electronic pipettes proved to be a defining improvement in pipetting technology. They swiftly revolutionised the handling and measurement of reagents in labs. Everyone who has used an electronic pipette to date can vouch for their precision and performance but research suggests that they enjoy just 10% of the market share. Given […]

Top 10 Research Institutes in South America

Although research institutes in South America may not be as popular as the ones in North America, many South American countries have good Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) Policies. This has led to strong growth in participation in higher education and R&D in scientific production.  Countries like Brazil and Colombia have caught the world’s attention […]

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