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Are you using calibrated instruments?

“One accurate measurement is worth a thousand expert opinions.” While a number of standards are used in the calibration industry for piston-operated equipment, the most important ones include ISO 8655 and ISO/IEC 17025:2005, each defining separate aspects of a typical quality calibration. ISO 17025 – It enables testing and calibration laboratories to demonstrate their competence […]

Why Should Distributors Partner up with Microlit in the US?

Our distributors are our partners. Working closely with them has taught us that their role in smoothing the connection between us and the customers, can expedite response times, enhance our reach, and even create value-added packages that complement our product offerings. Distributors play the cog in the wheel, driving our brand forward. Take a read […]

Microlit Launches in North America with Microlit USA

Founded in 1991, Microlit offers high precision liquid handling instruments for leading labs in the healthcare and life sciences industry. Customers in more than 65+ countries place their trust in us and recognize us for our innovative products and seamless support. Our product range, that includes – Bottle Top Dispensers, Electronic Burettes, Micropipettes, Miniature Micropipettes […]


The use of Bottle Top Dispensers (BTDs) is a common practice in laboratories across the world. Working with them requires careful handling and great precision. One of our most sought after products, the MICROLIT ULTIMUS is an advanced Bottle Top Dispensers (BTD) that offers a highly sophisticated blend of features and functionality. Unlike formerly used BTDs, […]