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Are Electronic Micropipettes Worth It?

When they were introduced, electronic pipettes proved to be a defining improvement in pipetting technology. They swiftly revolutionised the handling and measurement of reagents in labs. Everyone who has used an electronic pipette to date can vouch for their precision and performance but research suggests that they enjoy just 10% of the market share. Given […]

Top 10 Research Institutes in South America

Although research institutes in South America may not be as popular as the ones in North America, many South American countries have good Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) Policies. This has led to strong growth in participation in higher education and R&D in scientific production.  Countries like Brazil and Colombia have caught the world’s attention […]

The Role of pH Value in Titration

What is pH level? pH is an important property of a solution that indicates if the solution is acidic or basic in nature. The pH of the solution determines the availability of nutrients, biological functions, and microbial activity and impacts the behaviour of chemicals. Furthermore, it helps to identify the intensity of solution and categorize […]

Top 10 Scientific Research Institutes in the US

Research & Development in the United States (US) is funded and performed by institutes and organisations operating in different sectors including the federal government, state governments, businesses, academia, and non-profit organizations. With the contributions from these sectors, the US emerged as the global leader in R&D in the 20th century, funding 69% of annual global […]

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