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How to aspirate the correct volume using a pipette filler?

Using a Pipette filler Back in the day, the glass pipette used to be filled by sucking through the mouth, a phenomenon known as ‘Mouth pipetting’. However, mouth pipetting has been prohibited since long for the obvious safety reasons. Manual pipettes are usually filled using a manual pipette filler. On the other hand, we also […]

What is the History of Micropipettes?

Introduction Micropipettes are an indispensable part of any scientific research laboratory. Today, they are used in almost every scientific / research experiment. The instrument has made the life of scientific community all over the world very convenient. But have you ever wondered about a micropipette’s history? How was it invented and how did scientists handle […]

Role of Recirculation Valves in Dispensers

What is a re-circulation valve? In lab experiments involving bottle top dispensers, a recirculating valve component can play a key role. A recirculating valve is used to redirect the flow of a liquid into the bottle to eliminate any bubbles or loss of reagent. The conventional configuration of a dispenser includes a calibration scale (used […]

What is the right liquid handling device for your lab?

With a myriad of liquid handling devices available in the market ranging from a simple pipette to a full-scale automated workstation, making the right choice can be daunting. According to Kay Chang, the Product Manager of Liquid Handling at Blue-Ray Biotech, one should consider certain key specifications while buying a liquid-handling solution: Size Throughput Channel […]