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Top 10 Tips for Pipetting Like a Pro

  Accurate and precise pipetting is a crucial element of most laboratory work. Without focus on pipetting excellence, the integrity of your experiments may be compromised and the results would not be reproducible. Worse still, your readouts would be massively inaccurate and it would be meaningless to compare them with others. Pipettes or Micropipettes may […]

Bottle Top Dispensers: Facilitating Manufacturing of Cannabis Products

The US cannabis industry is growing at a remarkable pace. It is essentially being steered by the rise in the usage and sales of cannabis-derived products like hemp, CBD Oil (Cannabidiol Oil), etc. owing to their diverse medicinal applications. This exceptional surge means that the industry needs an even more stringent manufacturing and testing process […]

The Fourth Agricultural Revolution will be Driven by the Heroes in the Labs

When agricultural practices begin to witness significant changes due to a marked shift in the methods of production – like adopting new techniques for better yield – an agricultural revolution is said to be underway. Such revolutions usually bear a momentous impact not only on the industry itself but also on society.  Agricultural Revolutions So […]

Ensuring Product Reliability through Robust Quality Control

To build innovative solutions & achieve remarkable breakthroughs without compromising on their productivity, the world’s leading labs look for a brand that offers high-quality products along with strong technical support. Our state-of-the-art proficiency and meticulously designed equipment enable us to offer just that.    This also necessitates the need for a system of quality checks […]

Titration 101: Titration Techniques, Calculation Formulae and Digital Burette

One of the most common burette techniques of quantitative analysis in the healthcare and life sciences industry the world over is titration. It is a routine laboratory task that is typically taught while studying at a school or a university or while training and finds application in a number of industries including F&B, pharma, water […]