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Difference between Bottle Top Dispensers with Floating Piston and Wiping-seal Piston

What is Dispensing? The term ‘dispensing’ refers to discharging of defined quantities of a liquid substance. In order to facilitate easier, quicker and more accurate dispensing of chemical reagents, researchers are widely using bottle top dispensers. This instrument has essentially replaced the method of pouring liquids into graduated measuring cylinders. Bottle top dispensers are either […]

Choosing the Right Bottle Top Dispenser

What is a Bottle Top Dispenser? A Bottle Top Dispenser is a widely used scientific apparatus that helps in dispensing chemical reagents (acids, bases, alkalis, etc.). It is popularly used in academic research, food & beverage industry, biotechnology labs, wineries, distilleries and many more industries. Although the process of dispensing can be carried out manually, […]

Setting up a Bottle Top Dispenser

What is a Bottle Top Dispenser?  A Bottle Top Dispenser (BTD) is a scientific apparatus that helps dispense chemical reagents (acids, bases, alkalis, etc.). When a lab assistant carries out the procedure manually, they do so, not without multiple risks that come with it. Chemical spillage, inaccurate measurements, and even fatal lab accidents have always […]

Bottle Top Dispensers: Facilitating Manufacturing of Cannabis Products

The US cannabis industry is growing at a remarkable pace. It is essentially being steered by the rise in the usage and sales of cannabis-derived products like hemp, CBD Oil (Cannabidiol Oil), etc. owing to their diverse medicinal applications. This exceptional surge means that the industry needs an even more stringent manufacturing and testing process […]

Dispense HF Acid Fearlessly with the New Microlit Lentus™

Bottle Top Dispensers are used in labs to conveniently dispense accurate volumes of acids, bases & other reagents. While they are easy to use and offer a safe way to deliver aliquots, traditional dispensers with glass barrels cannot be used to dispense highly corrosive chemicals like Hydrofluoric acid (HF) and other high-purity media as these […]