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Micropipette Product Guide

What is a micropipette? A micropipette is a common yet an essential laboratory instrument used to accurately and precisely transfer volumes of liquid in the microliter range. Micropipettes are available in single channel and multi channel variants. While the single channel micropipettes are used in labs that perform research related to molecular biology, microbiology, immunology, […]

What Is the Difference Between Gravimetric and Photometric Testing for Pipettes?

The use of high-quality precision liquid handling instruments throughout the drug discovery, testing, and production processes gives scientists and laboratory technicians a sense of confidence in their procedures. However, this high-quality instrument needs regular calibration to ensure precise measurement and transfer volumes of liquid to obtain credible results.  Even minute discrepancies in the amount of […]

Are Electronic Micropipettes Worth It?

When they were introduced, electronic pipettes proved to be a defining improvement in pipetting technology. They swiftly revolutionised the handling and measurement of reagents in labs. Everyone who has used an electronic pipette to date can vouch for their precision and performance but research suggests that they enjoy just 10% of the market share. Given […]

How Can Pipette Users Avoid Repetitive Strain Injury

What is Repetitive Strain Injury? Repetitive Strain Injury, commonly known as RSI, is a potentially serious injury caused in a small muscle group. It is caused when people perform a repetitive task for long durations without catching a break. Symptoms of RSI can emerge over months or even years starting with intermittent discomfort and progressing […]

Microlit Lilpets and Rapid Testing Kits

The Diagnostic Kit Manufacturing Industry is growing at a tremendous rate to satisfy the ever-increasing need to detect and diagnose human disease, dairy and poultry diseases, and even plant diseases. For this purpose, Rapid test kits are designed for use where a preliminary screening test result is required and are especially useful in resource-limited settings. […]