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about microlit

MICROLIT has come a long way since its inception in 1991. Over time, our strong team of product design engineers have launched a remarkable range of liquid handling instruments that is known for its accuracy and precision. Today, Microlit is especially regarded for its market-leading innovation in bottle top dispensing technology and its incredible customer service. In 2018, Microlit USA was launched to bring this innovation and exceptional service to labs in the western market.

Aadhar Jain
Aadhar Jain
Head of R&D and US Operations, MICROLIT

With product and engineering experience in Silicon Valley and an MBA from UCLA Anderson, Aadhar currently leads R&D at Microlit. With a forward-looking mindset, Aadhar brings the latest innovations to Microlit’s liquid handling instruments. Aadhar also oversees the North American operations of Microlit, which he founded in 2018. He is actively seeking partnerships with distributors in the region, alongside pursuing online distribution strategy.

Mark Hulsebosch
National Sales Manager, MICROLIT USA

Mark has extensive experience in business development and sales roles at leading lab equipment suppliers including Corning Life Science and Brinkmann Instruments. He is now leading the sales function at Microlit USA and aims to establish the brand and availability of Microlit products in the market via an extensive dealer network. Mark is exceptional at customer service and will take care of your liquid handling needs in the lab.

Aviral Jain

Aviral Jain
Head of Global Sales and Marketing, MICROLIT

Aviral holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, USA. Prior to joining Microlit, he worked with Goldman Sachs in New Jersey as a Technology Analyst. Due to his knack for recognising business opportunities, he is responsible for taking care of Global Expansions for Microlit. Aviral has a vision to establish Microlit as the preferred choice of high precision liquid handling instruments for leading labs of the world. He is actively working on improving systems and operations to make the user experience with Microlit memorable. His keen interest in social work & the environment has led to the creation of the CSR & Sustainability department in Microlit.

Ankush Jain

Ankush Jain
Head of Production, MICROLIT

Ankush graduated from Purdue University, Indiana – USA with a Bachelor of Science degree with Honors in Computer Science. Since joining Microlit in 2018 as the Head of Production, he has led the digitalization of all the manufacturing processes, including production, inventory management, procurement and quality assurance. As part of capacity expansion and vertical integration efforts, he has led the development of new state-of-the-art manufacturing and molding facilities at Microlit. He has also established Microlit’s trading business vertical of laboratory consumables, ensuring timely delivery of high quality products to its customers.

Ajay Jain
Ajay Jain
Managing Director, MICROLIT

Ajay founded Microlit with his brother Atul, shortly after completing his undergraduate education from IIT Kanpur in 1984. Since then, he has led the organization from the front and has grown the company to over 200 employees. He directs and control all the operations and gives strategic guidance and direction to ensure that Microlit achieves its mission and objectives. Under his leadership, Microlit has achieved incredible milestones including distribution to 65+ countries worldwide.

Atul Jain
Atul Jain
Director of Production, MICROLIT

Atul is technical co-founder of Microlit. He holds a master’s degree in the field of science (M.Sc.) from Lucknow University. Under Atul’s leadership, Microlit has innovated consistently over the years both in terms of design and functionality. His ingenuity has been awarded with various design awards and patents worldwide including the renowned Japan Good Design Award, India Design Mark and many more. He continues to spearhead Microlit’s product development and manufacturing.

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Why Microlit?


Unlike most other lab equipment suppliers in the US, Microlit is a manufacturer with world-class manufacturing facilities and calibration laboratories in India. This enables us to provide great prices for high quality products and couple that with strong technical support due to in-depth product knowledge.


Microlit develops and designs innovative lab instruments for leading labs of the world. Our recent innovation is the Ultimus Bottle Top Dispenser which has been awarded US and EU patents for enabling convenient liquid handling in the lab. Microlit’s products have also been awarded with various coveted design awards worldwide.


We pride ourselves on our dependable customer service and support. We really stand by our products and provide the best solution for liquid handling requirements in the lab.