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NEW range of ISO certified Micropipettes with
PATENT PENDING UniCal™ Calibration technology
for quick in-lab calibration

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Ergonomic Micropipettes

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Highest performing instruments in
terms of precision and accuracy in real lab conditions

High Precision
Liquid Handling

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Highly accurate motorized titration instrument with a
touch interface and dropwise dispensing feature for
precise endpoint detection

Electronic Burette

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Laboratory Liquid Handling Products


Lentus™ Bottle Top Dispenser

Bottle top dispenser engineered with carefully selected & tested materials to safely & accurately dispense highly aggressive chemicals like Hydrofluoric acid directly from the reservoir bottle.

Liquid Handling Products Manufacturer

About Microlit

With 27 years of precision manufacturing experience, Microlit brings a remarkable range of liquid handling products that enjoy accreditation from a number of global organizations for their precision and design. We stand by our products and provide top notch technical service and support to our customers.

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