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Lentus™ Bottle Top Dispenser

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Microlit Lentus™ is a bottle top dispenser engineered with carefully selected & tested materials to safely & accurately dispense highly aggressive chemicals like Hydrofluoric acid directly from the reservoir bottle.

Because of its specialized materials, our research and development teams have shown that when the Microlit Lentus™ trace analysis cleaning instructions are performed before high purity media dispensing then the Microlit Lentus™ dispenser becomes suitable for trace analysis experiments.

What’s in the box?

  1. Dispensing unit
  2. Calibration certificate
  3. Calibration Tool
  4. Bottle Adaptors for all standard reagent bottle neck sizes (28mm – 45mm)
  5. Instruction Manual
Model No. Vol. Range Increment Accuracy CV
+% +ml +% +ml
LNT-HF-2.5 0.25-2.5ml 0.05ml 0.6 0.015 0.2 0.005
LNT-HF-5 0.05ml 0.1ml 0.6 0.030 0.2 0.010
LNT-HF-10 1-10ml 0.2ml 0.6 0.060 0.2 0.020
LNT-HF-30 2.5-30ml 0.5ml 0.6 0.180 0.2 0.060
LNT-HF-60 5-60ml 1.0ml 0.6 0.360 0.2 0.120


The error limits (Accuracy and Coefficient of Variation) mentioned above are in accordance
with the nominal capacity (or maximum volume) indicated on the instrument. These are obtained by using the instrument with distilled water at equilibrium, the ambient temperature of 20 °C while operating it smoothly and steadily. The error limits are in accordance with DIN EN ISO 8655-5.