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Bottle Top Dispenser

Lentus™ Bottle Top Dispenser

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Microlit Lentus™ is a bottle top dispenser engineered with carefully selected & tested materials to safely & accurately dispense highly aggressive chemicals like Hydrofluoric acid directly from the reservoir bottle.

Because of the bottle top dispenser’s specialized materials, our research and development teams have shown that when the Microlit Lentus™ trace analysis cleaning instructions are performed before high purity media dispensing then the Microlit Lentus™ bottle dispenser becomes suitable for trace analysis experiments.

What’s in the box?

  1. Dispensing unit
  2. Calibration certificate
  3. Calibration Tool
  4. Bottle Adaptors for all standard reagent bottle neck sizes (28mm – 45mm)
  5. Instruction Manual

Cleaning for Trace Analysis
Microlit Lentus™ – Hydrofluoric acid dispenser can also be used for Trace Analysis. The precise volume dispensing of high-purity media makes the HF dispenser suitable for this application. To use a hydrofluoric acid dispenser for trace analysis, it should be first thoroughly cleaned. Pure chemicals used for analytical purposes are used for this cleaning procedure. In order to avoid contamination of the bottle contents, the HF dispenser with the recirculation valve must be cleaned in both dispensing and recirculation modes.
To use the hydrofluoric acid dispenser for trace analysis, perform cleaning thoroughly first with pure chemicals like acetone, 20% HCl, and 30% HNO3 and lastly with de-ionized water. For the detailed procedure, please refer to the Microlit Lentus instruction manual– Cleaning for Trace Analysis section.

Model No. Description Vol. Range Increment Accuracy CV
+% +ml +% +ml
LNT-HF-2.5 Lentus Bottle Top Dispenser 0.25-2.5ml 0.25-2.5ml 0.05ml 0.5 0.0125 0.2 0.005
LNT-HF-5 Lentus Bottle Top Dispenser 0.05ml 0.05ml 0.1ml 0.5 0.025 0.2 0.01
LNT-HF-10 Lentus Bottle Top Dispenser 1-10ml 1-10ml 0.2ml 0.5 0.05 0.1 0.01
LNT-HF-30 Lentus Bottle Top Dispenser 2.5-30ml 2.5-30ml 0.5ml 0.5 0.15 0.1 0.03
LNT-HF-60 Lentus Bottle Top Dispenser 5-60ml 5-60ml 1.0ml 0.5 0.3 0.1 0.06


The error limits (Accuracy and Coefficient of Variation) mentioned above are in accordance
with the nominal capacity (or maximum volume) indicated on the instrument. These are obtained by using the instrument with distilled water at equilibrium, the ambient temperature of 20 °C while operating it smoothly and steadily. The error limits are in accordance with DIN EN ISO 8655-5.

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Product FAQs

The re-circulation valve of the Microlit Lentus enhances reagent conservation and ensures safety while dispensing highly aggressive liquids/reagents.
Microlit Lentus is engineered with carefully tested materials and has been tested with 50% concentrated hydrofluoric acid without any effect on the dispenser.
Purging or priming is performed to remove the air bubbles from the barrel. For priming, gently pull the piston up and then push down rapidly till the piston hits the base. Repeat this procedure for at least five times. If the problem still persists, please check the telescopic or inlet tube fitment.
Yes, the dispensers are fully autoclavable at 121 C for 15-20 min at 15 psi. However, do not put the dispenser in the autoclave without disassembly. Disassemble the piston and shaft from the dispenser before autoclaving. The volume-adjustment knob must be kept in an unlocked position. Lastly, re-calibration is necessary after autoclaving. Please refer to the instruction manual for the correct detailed autoclaving procedure.
The minimum length of the telescopic inlet tube of the bottle top dispenser is 170mm and is extendable up to 320 mm.
To use the HF bottle top dispenser for trace analysis, perform cleaning thoroughly first with pure chemicals like acetone, 20% HCl, and 30% HNO3 and lastly with de-ionized water. For the detailed procedure, please refer to the Microlit Lentus- Cleaning for Trace Analysis section of the instruction manual.
Yes, the Lentus is engineered with carefully selected and tested materials to dispense highly corrosive acids like hydrofluoric and nitric acids. For specific acid compatibility please refer to the Lentus Chemical Compatibility Chart
We recommend rinsing the dispenser with de-ionized or distilled water before and after the use. For detailed maintenance and cleaning of the dispenser, please refer to the Microlit Lentus Cleaning and Maintenance section in the instruction manual.
Set the dispenser at the nominal volume and dispense distilled water at least five times. Measure the dispensed liquid on an analytical or electronic balance. If the mean and CV of the measured liquid is within the acceptable ISO limits (see specs chart), the dispenser is calibrated. If not, please follow the recalibration procedure in the instruction manual.
The HF bottle top dispenser comes with a 5 set of adaptors of the size between 28, 32, 38,40, and 45mm that will allow the dispenser to be mounted on any standard reagent glass bottle.