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Microlit Liquid Handling Quiz

    1) .......... is known as the Father of Medical Microbiology.

    2) This technique is used to dispense viscous solutions and high-protein liquids as it prevents the formation of bubbles.

    3) Which standard approves the use of the photometric testing method for pipette performance verification?

    4) Which component is not a part of Digital Burette?

    5) Surgeon Syndrome is also a common name for ........., caused by the repetitive pipetting process.

    6) Which liquid handling product is not suitable for autoclaving?

    7) Which product is normally used for the titration process?

    8) What is the pH value of blood samples?

    9) For large volume pipettes (1-5 mL), the immersion depth should be at:

    10) Pre-wetting the pipette tip is important to eliminate the …………. that enables you to dispense accurate and precise liquid volumes:

    11) Which feature is introduced in our newly launched Micropipette NERO, not available in any Micropipette in the liquid handling market?

    12) Which Microlit bottle top dispenser is suitable for HF & Trace Analysis?