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Microlit US conducted a short quiz on Liquid Handling Instruments. We have selected our winners, who have been notified via email.

The correct answers are marked below in blue:

Microlit Liquid Handling Quiz

    1. How can you protect a pipette from inner contamination?

    2. Which general recommendations for pipetting are important?

    3. Which liquid handling instrument can be used for titration with a negligible chance of human error?

    4. Which of these is a good practice for pipette maintenance?

    5. Which effect can liquids with high vapour pressure, e.g. acetone have on air cushion pipetting?

    6. When using a micropipette, if you push to the second stop to fill it, you will get:

    7. You should NEVER rotate the volume adjuster on a micropipette beyond the upper and lower limit

    8. Which ISO Standard do we follow at Microlit for stringent validation and calibration procedures for pipettes?

    9. What is CV (coefficient of variation) in liquid handling terms?