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How is a bottle top dispenser calibrated?

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Bottle top dispensing allows you to deliver precise amounts of liquid over and over again. With proper bottle top dispenser calibration, you will be able to dispense an accurate amount of liquids. Periodic calibration can save your lab time and money by helping you avoid downtime and errors. Normally, each Bottle Top Dispenser is individually calibrated in a certified laboratory and comes with a Calibration Certificate. However, if environmental conditions and the viscosity of the liquid being used change drastically, re-calibration is recommended to achieve higher accuracy.

To re-calibrate the device, the steps below need to be followed:

  1. Set the bottle top dispenser to 50% of the nominal volume (capacity).
  2. Follow the common rules for calibration used in Statistical Quality Control (ISO 8655/2).
  3. Set the reagent volume and dispense five volumes of distilled water at 20 °C temperature on an electronic balance to establish the true mean volume of the dispensed liquid.
  4. If the calculated mean differs from the preset volume on the dispenser, re-calibration is required.
  5. To re-calibrate the dispenser, pull the cap out to expose the calibration nut. Using the calibration tool, turn the nut clockwise to decrease the volume or anticlockwise to increase the volume and repeat the calibration process again to obtain the desired volume result.