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How to select the right pipette tips for your pipette?

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The improper kind of tips can eliminate the precision and accuracy of even the best-calibrated pipette. The improper tips can potentially make your pipette a source of infection, waste priceless samples or chemicals, or both, depending on the experiment you are performing.

Below points may help you to choose the right pipette tips for your experiment:

  1. Choose high-quality pipette tips for precision and accuracy
  2. Is your selected tips universal or pipette specific? – If you have any specific pipette, which is not suited to every kind of tip.
  3. Is your pipette tips filtered or non-filtered? – To prevent your pipette from being contaminated, filtered tips are recommended.
  4. Low Retention tips – If you’ve ever looked at a standard pipette tip, you may have noticed a bit of liquid left over after dispensing. Low retention tips reduce this from happening because they have a hydrophobic plastic additive that prevents liquid from sticking to the inside of the tips.
  5. Ergonomic Tips – These kinds of tips require lower insertion and ejection force to reduce the risk of RSI.