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What are the benefits/ advantages of using a bottle top dispenser?

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Bottle Top Dispensers can be used for a variety of reasons, including performance, safety, speed, and reliability. It also saves time and extra work. Additional accessories, such as ETFE adapters, improve the chemical stability of tools and expand their application in the chemical industry. To learn more, consider the following advantages of a bottle-top dispenser:

  • Easy and safe to use

The bottle top dispenser guarantees lab safety. Every reagent vial has its own dispenser to make moving easier. The reagents’ confined environment reduces the possibility of unintentional splashing. This also prevents the human body from being exposed to potentially dangerous toxins.

  • High Accuracy and precision

Bottle top dispensers are well-known for their exact measurement, with an accuracy of roughly 0.5% – 0.6%. Its tiny delivery tube makes it simple to transport liquids into small containers such as test tubes.

  • Facilitate quick work

Bottle top dispensers boost efficiency by speeding up the entire process, in addition to enabling common and sophisticated lab activities.

  • Ensure minimum wastage of reagent

Bottle top dispensers come with several adapters that fit practically all types of lab bottles. The telescopic inlet tube allows you to adapt the dispenser to the length of the tube. This reduces waste throughout the process.

  • Easy on the environment and the pocket

Bottle top dispensers reduce the use of plastic consumables such as tips because the chemicals are delivered directly into the container. This also cuts down on any unneeded tool purchases.

Therefore, it is obvious that using a bottle-top dispenser properly will save you time, money, work, and safeguard you and your samples from any unintentional harm.