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What are the types of burette?

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There are three types of burette:

  • Volumetric Burette: The volumetric burette is made of glass or plastic material, with the volume scale printed on the burette wall. It is divided into two categories:glass burette
  1. Liquid burette: On a liquid burette, there is a long graduated glass tube with a stopcock at the bottom to control the flow of the liquid. When the valve is opened gravity causes the flow of fluid.
  2. Gas burette: In a gas burette, a stopcock is provided at the top of the burette. The tube of the burette is filled with liquids such as water, mercury or other types of liquid and connected to the fluid reservoir at the bottom of the tube. The gas is collected by displacing the fluid from the burette, and the volume of the gas is calculated by the volume of the displaced fluid.
  • Piston or Digital Burette: A piston or digital burette is based on a syringe design in which the barrel and plunger may be made of glass or plastic. The barrel is held in a fixed position and the plunger is moved incrementally by rotating the wheel by hand or via a step motor.wheel turning
  • Electronic Burette: The electronic burette or e-burette consists of an electronic display, electronic control panel and motor controlled piston movements that eliminate all the problems of digital burettes that dispense manually. The precision of electronic burettes is higher than that of digital burettes due to motor controlled dispensing. This motorized system eliminates human errors in the titration/dispensing process which makes the titration more accurate.bottle top dispenser