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How to choose the right bottle top dispenser?

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There are a variety of bottle top dispensers and each of them can be used for specific purposes. The following points should be kept in mind while choosing the right dispenser:

  • The capacity of the Dispenser: Bottle top dispensers come in fixed and variable volume range models. The most popular series of bottle top dispensers among them is the Variable Volume model series which allows the user to select the volume based on its range and supported volume increments.
  • Chemical Compatibility: It is necessary to check the chemical compatibility before buying the bottle top dispenser. A chemically compatible bottle top dispenser delivers accurate results and enables easy maintenance. In general, the compatibility of a chemical with a dispenser can be divided into four main categories. These include acids, bases, solvents and highly corrosive liquids.
  • The viscosity of the chemical: The viscosity of the reagent is another important point that the user should consider before choosing a bottle top dispenser. Highly viscous reagents with a kinematic viscosity between 75 and 500 mm2/sec will require careful selection while reagents less than 75 mm2/sec can be used with efficient dispensers.