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Become a Distribution Partner for Microlit USA

Distributors help in bridging the gap between manufacturers & customers; we ourselves have greatly benefitted from partnering with the right ones. However, the relationship between a manufacturer and a distributor is not one-sided. There are many benefits that we, as a manufacturer, can bring to the table to enhance the experience of our distributors. Take a look at how we are fostering distributor partnerships.

Sell Microlit’s Technologically Advanced Products 

Our products are technologically advanced and manufactured to fulfil the demands of our customers. With 5 trademarks, 4 design patents & many awards under our belt, Microlit products have an edge over other manufacturers. 

Our products are ergonomically designed, providing highly precise and accurate results. Each one of them is designed to solve a problem prevailing in the market. For instance, our Bottle Top Dispensers are exceptional due to their superior chemical compatibility. Our latest offering, Microlit LentusTM Bottle Top Dispenser has been designed specifically for dispensing Hydrofluoric acid and high-purity reagents for trace analysis   

Win Big Accounts

Microlit USA organises regular training sessions for and offers complete technical support to distributors to ensure that they can market the product efficiently to customers. Our sales reps frequently visit our distributor’s customers to help them with the sale of products. We also set aside a sales & marketing budget for our distributors, and often take care of the marketing collateral, to add on to the comfort & convenience.

Help Your Reps Get Regular Product Training Sessions

We organise regular training sessions for distributor reps to help them stay well-versed with the product they are selling. We understand that a representative will be able to sell the product well only when s/he is completely aware of all the features, benefits and offers that the brand has to offer. Usually, the training pieces are conducted face-to-face but during unusual times, like the current COVID-19 lockdown, we conduct virtual sessions as well.

We’re Always Ready to Deliver

Microlit USA, invariably, has sufficient stock in all SKUs that can be dispatched the same day an order is placed. Along with key products, we are also well-stocked with compatible consumables like tips and other spare parts. We offer repair and calibration services for our distributors’ customers as well.

Shown above: Our fully stocked SKU

Receive OEM Services

We offer OEM/private label services, especially to the distributor brands placing bulk orders with us. This includes custom packaging, custom product colours, logo printing, among others. Such an offering is often lucrative to large distributors as they get to own numerous liquid handling instruments under their brand name and continue to grow their branded product portfolio.

Get 24*7 Support

We go out of our way to help our distributors and their customers and offer round the clock customer service and technical support. This ensures that they do not face any difficulties with our instruments. 

SciCal is Our Product Calibration Partner 

Microlit USA has partnered with Scientific Calibration Inc, popularly known as SciCal, for product calibration. A reputed calibration service provider, SciCal offers a wide range of calibration and repair services and maintains ISO 17025 accredited labs across the US. Along with exceptional service, they also provide the relevant certificate(s), satisfying ISO 9000, GMP, CAP and GLP requirements. 

SciCal is one of the few calibration companies that gives its services at the client location. They are carried out by professionally certified technicians using NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) traceable equipment.

Such benefits make Microlit USA a supplier with a wide range of benefits. To top it all, our recent collaboration with Zoro, one of the leading lab equipment suppliers in the US, showcases our strong partnerships with well-known distributors. 

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