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E-Burette Product Manual

1.  Intended Use of the Instrument MICROLIT E-BURETTE is a state-of-the-art Motor Operated Burette with sophisticated features and functionality. It is intended for use in laboratories and the field for easy, safe and accurate titrations. 2. Product Specifications Performance Data 10 ml 25 ml 50 ml Unit Type Microprocessor-controlled motorized piston lift system with recirculation […]

Bottle Top Dispenser Product Manual

1. Intended Use of the Instrument MICROLIT SCITUS, BEATUS and ULTIMUS are the Bottle Top Dispenser (BTD). It is a high precision liquid handling instrument intended for use in laboratories for dispensing reagents and chemicals that are compatible with it. (Refer to section 6) 2. Safety Instructions This instrument may sometimes be used for operations […]

Micropipette Product Manual

1.  Product Description MICROLIT RBO Micropipettes are continuously adjustable, general-purpose pipettes, used for sampling and dispensing accurate and precise volumes. They operate on the principle of air displacement (i.e. an air interface is present between the piston and the reagent/solution) and use a detachable, disposable tip. The desired volume is determined by the following formula: […]