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Maximizing the Lifespan of Your Bottle Top Dispensers: A Comprehensive Guide

Laboratory equipment, particularly bottle top dispensers, serves as the backbone of accurate and precise measurements in scientific experiments. However, ensuring the longevity of these devices is crucial for maintaining their functionality and reliability over time. Let’s delve into the essential strategies to extend the lifespan of your bottle top dispensers and optimize their performance. Understanding […]

Best Practices for Handling Hazardous Chemicals with Bottle Top Dispensers

Handling hazardous chemicals safely is of paramount importance in laboratories, industrial settings, and research facilities. Bottle top dispensers are indispensable tools that help dispense accurate volumes of liquids, but they must be used with caution when dealing with hazardous substances. This blog post will outline the best practices for safely handling hazardous chemicals with bottle […]

What are the key differences between Microlit Scitus, Beatus and Lentus Bottle Top Dispensers?

A bottle top dispenser is a common laboratory instrument used to dispense specific volumes of chemicals/reagents, organic and inorganic solvents, oils, and other liquids from bottles or other containers. Manual dispensing has multiple risks, including chemical spillage, poor measures, and even fatal lab mishaps. Bottle Top Dispensers are the go-to instrument for distributing chemicals securely […]

Are both Micropipettes and Bottle Top Dispensers autoclavable?

What is Autoclave? Autoclaves, often known as steam sterilizers, are commonly used in healthcare and commercial applications. An autoclave is a machine that uses high-pressure steam to eliminate hazardous bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores on components placed inside a pressure vessel. The items are heated for a set period of time to an optimum sterilizing […]

Why is Autoclaving important for most lab instruments?

Autoclave is one of the most common sterilization instruments being used across various industries, including drug development, medical care and scientific research. An autoclave process works by producing highly-saturated steam under pressure, eliminating the majority of micro-organisms and spores. This instrument is used to sterilize different types of labware, media and biological waste. The reason […]