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E-Burette Product Catalogue

Achieve Remarkably Accurate and Better Results than CLASS-A Glass Burettes

1. MICROLIT E-BURETTE Offers 3 Pre-set Speeds for Dispensing

The instrument comes with 3 individually calibrated Pre-set Speeds, including dropwise dispensing.

Burette Model Mode Speed
50 ml Fast 3.8ml/sec
Medium 1.3ml/sec
Dropwise 10ul/click
25 ml Fast 2.1ml/sec
Medium 0.7ml/sec
Dropwise 10ul/click
10 ml Fast 1.2ml/sec
Medium 0.2ml/sec
Dropwise 5ul/click

2. MICROLIT E-BURETTE Offers Motor Controlled Piston Movement

In conventional Digital Burettes, dispensing is done ‘manually’ with the help of a rotating wheel, whose speed of rotation is not fixed and varies from user to user. Any abrupt changes in the speed may result in inaccurate and imprecise results.
the Motor Controlled Piston Movement of MICROLIT E-BURETTE, at 3 Pre-set Speeds, rules out the effort invested in manual wheel operation and hence, any inconsistencies arising due to the variations in its speed.

Work with a Modern Accessory Range that Enhances User Experience

MICROLIT E-BURETTE comes with a sleek hand-held Stylus that assists in performing touch operations on the control panel with ease.
9 Amber coloured Window
The instrument’s transparent acrylic window can be swapped with an amber coloured window for use with chemicals/reagents that are sensitive to light.
The instrument comes with five adapters that comfortably fit most laboratory reagent bottles. The available sizes are – 28 mm, 32 mm, 38 mm, 40 mm and 45 mm.
Telescoping Inlet Tube
A Telescoping Tube, that can be adjusted in length according to a variety of bottle sizes, is provided as an inside-the-box accessory.

*ISO 8655 is the globally accepted industry standard for piston-operated volumetric apparatus. The evaluation was performed by trained and certified personnel at an ISO 17025 accredited lab.


Experience the power of precision in Your Daily laboratory Routine

Work Accurately with 3 calibrated Pre-set Speeds
MICROLIT E-BURETTE can be flexibly operated at 3 calibrated pre-set Speeds, including dropwise dispensing, to achieve accurate end points.
2 Operate Smoothly with Motor Control
Motor Controlled Piston Movement facilitates correct and comfortable titrations. It eliminates the errors associated with manual wheel controlled piston movement.
3 Re-direct Reagents with Re-circulation Mode
Re-circulation Mode prevents the loss of reagents during purging by re-directing them into the mounted bottle and facilitates bubble-free dispensing.
4 Dispense Easily with Adjustable Nozzle
The adjustable nozzle offers a high degree of flexibility in both the horizontal and vertical directions, facilitating easy dispensing in demanding laboratory conditions.
5 Perform Quick Titrations with TFT Touchscreen
A user-friendly TFT touchscreen guides quick and accurate titrations and displays numeric data up to the second decimal. Keep the Stylus pressed against it to perform dispensing and fit it to stop art once.
6 Enhanced Functionality with a Robust Control Panel
The instrument comes with a powerful Control Panel. Use it to perform functions like automatically re-fill without changing the reading, perform a zero reset (via Tare), switch the instrument off, etc.
  • Choose from Three Unique Capacities
    MICROLIT E-BURETTE is available in three unique capacities – 10 ml, 25 ml and 50 ml.
    *Refer to the specifications and ordering information.
  • Save Results on the Go
    The instrument can store up to 20 results in its memory. It also offers the option to connect to a computer and save the readings on a software for future reference.
  • Micro USB Cable
    The instrument can be connected to a computer with the help of a micro USB cable which is included in the Burette kit.

MICROLIT E-BURETTE’s Control Panel uses rechargeable, long lasting and replaceable batteries.

Assured Quality with ISO 8655 Conformation and GLP Compliance

MICROLIT E-BURETTE conforms to ISO 8655 standards and is GLP compliant
Each model is individually calibrated and supplied with a calibration certificate placed inside the product package.
The instrument can also be easily calibrated electronically within a laboratory, without the help of an external calibration tool.

Award-winning Design and Product Excellence

MICROLIT E-BURETTE reflects the design philosophy of our organization, combining the best performance parameters with the best user experience.
It is recognised by India Design Mark as a product that exhibits Good Design. Additionally, we were honoured by CII Industrial Innovation Awards and adjudged a place in the top 25 Most innovative Companies of 2016.
We are also accredited by a member of global organizations and have earned worldwide credibility.


(± %)
(± %)
10 0.005 0.1 0.01 0.1 0.01
25 0.01 0.07 0.0175 0.05 0.0125
50 0.01 0.05 0.025 0.05 0.025

The error limits (Accuracy and Coefficient of Variation) mentioned above are in accordance with the nominal capacity (or maximum volume) indicated on the instrument. These are obtained by using the instrument with distilled water at equilibrium, the ambient temperature of 20C while operating it smoothly and Steadily. The error limits are in accordance with DIN EN ISO 8655-3.

To check the other information of Microlit E-Burette, please visit the product page of website Burette.

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