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Enhance your Laboratory Experience with the Innovative Microlit Ultimus Bottle Top Dispenser

Microlit is proud to offer a state-of-the-art bottle top dispenser Ultimus which solves critical issues during sample preparation – Re-filling the reagent bottle and rinsing the dispensing instrument WITHOUT the need to DISMOUNT it from the bottle.

Ultimus bottle top dispenserUltimus is the First Ever Bottle Top Dispenser which offers four modes of dispensing: Dilution, Rinsing, Dual Liquid Handling and Re-circulation in a single unit. This is a huge step forward in bottle top dispensing technology. Currently, the standard Bottle-Top Dispensers available globally have a single inlet only from the bottle on which the instrument is mounted. Ultimus has a patented dual inlet. This enables the independent flow of liquid from two separate sources.

This great and innovative design feature has achieved the following international and national recognitions:

  1. G Mark: Good Design Award 2017, Japan
  2. I Mark: India Design Award 2017, India
  3. USA Patent: 9815052
  4. EU Patent: EP15166828.2
  5. India Patent: E-2/549/2015/DEL
  6. CE certification

Modes of Operation

  1. Standard Dispensing: In this mode, the dispenser dispenses the liquid into the receiver from the bottle it is mounted on.
  2. Purging: In this mode, the liquid is recirculated into the same bottle on which the dispenser is mounted. This process removes air from the dispenser without wasting any reagent.
  3. Dilution/Rinsing/Second Liquid Dispensing: In this mode, the liquid from a second source can be dispensed into the receiver. The second liquid can be distilled water, thus allowing the user to rinse the instrument without dismounting it or diluting the reagent within the receiver.
  4. Bottle Refilling: In this mode, the liquid from a second source can be used to refill the bottle without dismounting the dispenser.

Usage Benefits: Standard Dispenser v/s Ultimus

Standard Dispensing device

A) Rinsing in a breeze

Ordinary dispenser: For rinsing, the user has to dismount the instrument from the reagent bottle, re-mount it on the distilled water bottle, perform the rinsing and then again mount the instrument back on to the reagent bottle.

Ultimus – Bottle Top Dispenser: The user can perform rinsing by filling distilled water in the secondary container and by adjusting the knob positions appropriately (See Mode 3) to connect the distilled water inlet and disconnecting the primary reagent bottle. No dismounting is needed.

B) Dilution was never this direct

Ordinary dispenser: Till now, dispensers haven’t been used as an instrument for dilution or reagent mixing. If diluting a chemical/ reagent is required, then the user has to first dismount the instrument from the reagent bottle, re-mount it on the distilled water bottle, perform dilution and then again mount the instrument back on to the reagent bottle. Another option is using two dispensers to mix the two reagents.

Ultimus – Bottle Top Dispenser: The user can perform dilution just by dispensing using Mode 1 from the primary reagent bottle and then adjusting the knob positions (Mode 3) to dispense from the secondary reagent container. This does not require dismounting of the instrument or the use of multiple dispensers.

C) Dispensing Concentrated & Fuming Acids turns easy & safe

In order to avoid damage to the instrument due to prolonged exposure to strong acids, all of the dispensers currently available in the market, require the user to dismount them daily. Extremely prolonged exposure of the acids to the dispenser can result in discolouration, functional problems and significantly reduced life of the dispensers.

Ultimus eliminates this problem completely as the vapours/fumes of the reagent do not come in direct contact with the dispenser at all. The reagent is placed in the secondary bottle which is not mounted on the dispenser. This simplifies the life of the user who then does not have to go through the cumbersome & dangerous process of daily cleaning.

D) Refill the main bottle without dismounting

In applications, which might require regular bottle refilling, Ultimus provides the facility to have its second inlet constantly immersed in a bigger container for ease of use, thereby, eliminating the need to remove the bottle from the dispenser every time it’s empty.

Overall, the Microlit Ultimus Bottle Top Dispenser enhances convenience and reduces costs significantly for users in the lab during sample preparation. For more details on ordering information and pricing, please visit Bottle Top Dispensers.

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