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How to aspirate the correct volume using a pipette filler?

Using a Pipette filler

Back in the day, the glass pipette used to be filled by sucking through the mouth, a phenomenon known as ‘Mouth pipetting’. However, mouth pipetting has been prohibited since long for the obvious safety reasons. Manual pipettes are usually filled using a manual pipette filler. On the other hand, we also have electronic pipette fillers, which make the job of pipetting much easier and convenient. Let’s look at how to aspirate correct volumes using a manual as well as an electronic pipette filler.

How to aspirate the correct volume using a manual pipette filler?

There are two types of manual pipette fillers available in the market. They are both fitted on top of the pipette, using a light force to avoid any damage.

Filler Types

  1. In order to use the type I filler (also termed as ‘pi pump’), follow the below steps:
  • Attach the filler lightly to the pipette.
  •  Immerse the pipette tip inside the liquid.
  •  Rotate the knob in order for the liquid to get sucked up inside the bottle
  •  Then, fill it to approximately 1-2 centimetres above the mark.
  • Now, press lightly on the lever. This makes the air flow into the top, as well as the liquid level fall. You must do this step carefully, so that the pipette is filled accurately, and the lower level of the meniscus is just touching the mark. If you press the lever for too long, you might need to the start the process all over again.
  • When the pipette gets filled correctly, you should transfer it to the container, such as a conical flask.
  •  Finally, empty the pipette by pressing the lever completely. When, no liquid is left inside the pipette, withdraw it.

   2. The type II filler is little more complicated that type I. You need to follow the below steps to operate the type II filler accurately:

  • Firstly, fit the filler on top of the pipette, but don’t attach it too rigidly.
  •  Now, press button 1, which makes the air get expelled from the bulb.
  • Now, release button 1, and press the button 2 instead. This connects the bulb to the pipette.
  • The pipette is filled a few centimetres above the mark.
  • Release the button 2, and press the button 3, which makes the air flow into the top, as well as the liquid level fall.
  • Keep pressing the button 3 gently until top of the meniscus is just touching the mark on the pipette. Now, transfer the pipette to the container, like a conical flask.

Keep the following points in mind while using a manual pipette filler:

  1. Do not exert to much force on the instrument, as it can lead to a broken stem, which can be extremely hazardous for the user.
  2. Do not overfill the pipette. The easiest way to avoid overfilling a pipette is to keep the tip in contact with the liquid. You must ensure that the tip is completely immersed in the liquid.

How to aspirate the correct volume using an electronic pipette filler?

  •  Begin by inserting the pipette inside the collet and make sure it is held firmly.
  • Now, press the upward plunger (there is usually an ‘up’ mark) in order to aspirate the liquid in the pipette.
  • Press the downward plunger to dispense the liquid.
  • You can control the pump speed by adjusting different panels on the instrument.

Why use an Electronic Pipette Filler?

1) Accuracy: The major advantage of using an electronic pipette controller is the level of accuracy and precision offered by them, which leads to reliable results. As an electronic pipette controller is basically error-free, one can be sure of precision and accuracy.

2) Better volume range: Electronic pipette fillers have marked differences for various volume ranges. For instance, if you need to dispense 50 μl, you can choose fillers with volume ranges: 5 to 50 μl or 25 to 50 μl depending on the manufacturer.

MICROLIT EASYFILL, an electronic pipette filling equipment is a powerful and precise liquid handling device that offers the user remarkable ease-of-use and accuracy. It comes with the single knob dual dispensing functionality, along with a myriad of other sophisticated features.

The product has been designed by MICROLIT’s in-house team of expert product design engineers. It is an extremely intuitive and ergonomic device that makes the process of filling pipettes highly convenient for the users.

In addition, MICROLIT EASYFILL will help relieve any unnecessary hand fatigue caused by repetitive pipetting and performing sensitive operations with high precision, accuracy and reliability in practical laboratory environments.

It can be operated up to 8 Hours non-stop as MICROLIT EASYFILL operates on Ni-MH 3.6 V rechargeable batteries in addition to the low power consumption circuit and vacuum pressure / pump, which enables 8 hours of uninterrupted operation.

The instrument comes with a Universal Silicon Collet Adapter that holds pipettes firmly in place. The instrument’s Universal Silicon Adapter has internal knurling, which can be used to hold pipettes (having volumes from 1 ml to 100 ml) firmly during liquid handling operations. The e-pipette filler also offers the user adjustable pump speed during liquid handling.

To know more about MICROLIT EASYFILL and how they can improve your productivity levels, no matter which industry you are a part of, click here.

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