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New & Emerging Industrial Applications of Bottle Top Dispensers

A Bottle Top Dispensers (BTD) are a scientific apparatus, designed to be attached to a bottle and help in dispensing reagents. 

A standard Microlit Bottle Top Dispenser is more than just a scientific apparatus. In addition to the conventional ones like pharmaceutical, academic and research institutes, healthcare, etc., BTDs are now the stepping stones to several manufacturing and production geniuses for a lot of other industries. These industries range from Food & Beverages, CBD Products (Wellness) to Soaps & Detergents and everything else in between. 

Let’s take a look at how BTDs are being effectively utilised in some of these industries:

1. Cannabis Products/Testing

Cannabis Products

BTDs are vital in determining the potency of marijuana. Our dispensers are mounted on top of bottles of solvents such as IPA and methanol and used to dispense specific quantities of these solvents accurately which can then be used to extract THCA, hence, helping in determining the extraction efficiency of the solvent.


2. Wineries and Breweries

Wineries and Breweries

Before the extraction of wine or beer, BTDs are attached at the head of the fermentation cylinders during the process of racking. While the sediments (yeast and barley) stay put at the bottom of the fermentation cylinder, with the help of Bottle Top Dispenser, the separated products are ready for the next step in brewing.

Bottle Top Dispensers (BTDs) can also be used in sample testing in certain stages during winemaking and brewing. BTDs aid in accurately measuring the liquids involved in the fermentation process which can help in the determination of alcoholic content and the quantity of sediment in the batch. 


3. Beauty and Wellness

Beauty and Wellness

BTDs are mainly used in the process of splitting where natural fat is split into fatty acid and glycerine. They precisely measure and control the splitting process by determining the accurate quantity of fatty acids which help in the later stages of soap purification. The same is done for the manufacturing of hair care products.


While they are immensely popular in the academic & healthcare circles, Microlit Bottle Top Dispensers are gradually finding customers in industries where they haven’t been the go-to choice before like Chocolate Manufacturing, Paints, Essential Oils, etc. in addition to the ones discussed above.

In the future, their popularity is expected to only go up as more and more industries discover the top-notch quality, high functionality and assured improvement in efficiency that BTDs offer.

To know more about Microlit BTDs and how they can improve your productivity levels, no matter which industry you are a part of, click here.

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