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Partnering With A Promising Distributor

About Stellar Scientific

Stellar Scientific is a renowned supplier of lab equipment for partners belonging to research institutes, government, academia, biotech, food and pharmaceutical industries. Stellar Scientific provides detailed product information to enable its partners to make an informed decision. Every product is aggressively priced to ensure that the partner gets a really good deal. A family-owned business, the aim of Stellar Scientific is to make the lives of its partners easier by bringing all the necessary lab equipment and consumables on one platform. 

Bottle Top Dispensers

A Bottle Top Dispenser is a scientific apparatus that is mounted on top of a reagent bottle to dispense liquids. The Bottle Top Dispenser makes lives easy for the scientists and researchers as it saves them time, makes them efficient, and keeps them and their samples safe. 

Recognising the need for Bottle Top Dispensers, Microlit introduced four models – Microlit Scitus, Microlit Beatus, Microlit Ultimus and Microlit LentusTM.

Microlit Bottle Top Dispensers

Microlit, till date, has launched four models of the Bottle Top Dispensers and all the instruments are primarily developed keeping in mind the requirements of the users. Every Bottle Top Dispenser has a distinct feature, suiting the needs of the user, and this is what sets Microlit apart from its competitors.

Microlit Scitus – The Microlit Scitus works on the Springless ValveTM technology, built by our team of in-house product design engineers. It offers a cost-effective blend of sophisticated features and functionality and ensures smooth functioning of the dispenser.

Microlit Beatus – A notch above the Microlit Scitus, the Microlit Beatus works on the Springless ValveTM technology and also has a Recirculation Valve. The Recirculation Valve ensures that no reagent is lost during purging. 

Microlit Ultimus – The most advanced Bottle Top Dispenser, the Microlit Ultimus works on Dual IntelTM technology, an award-winning technology patented in India, the EU and the USA. The Microlit Ultimus offers four liquid handling modes – rinsing, dilution, refilling and purging – without dismounting the dispenser.

Microlit LentusTM – The Microlit LentusTM is a new age dispenser that addresses the need for a dispenser to safely dispense strong agents like Hydrofluoric acid and High Purity Media for trace analysis. It has been developed with carefully selected and tested materials that are compatible with strong reagents. 

Innovation and product development is an ongoing process at Microlit. The product design engineers at Microlit focus deeply on research to develop instruments that can ease operations for the users and make them efficient. Here, we are giving you a glance on some of the innovations.

Springless ValveTM Technology – To ensure smooth and jam-free functioning of the Bottle Top Dispensers, the product engineers at Microlit got completely rid of the spring in the valves and placed both the Inlet and Outlet Valves vertically. The Springless ValveTM technology makes the Bottle Top Dispensers universal and can be used with both organic and inorganic reagents.

PTFE Piston – The PTFE piston with an ETP O-Ring offers excellent resistance to chemicals and facilitates the smooth and effortless movement of the piston, ensuring efficient functioning of the Bottle Top Dispenser.

Dual InletTM Technology – The Dual InletTM technology enables the user to operate the Bottle Top Dispenser without dismounting it. The technology allows the instrument to have two valves which remove the chances of cross-contamination and offers four modes of liquid handling – rinsing, dilution, refilling and purging – without dismounting the instrument. This is an award-winning technology, and it substantially enhances the chemical compatibility and the life of the instrument.

The customer-centricity of Stellar Scientific makes it the best-fit partner for supplying Microlit products. The huge customer base of Stellar Scientific will allow more labs in the USA to procure Microlit products that are developed to serve the needs of the users with an emphasis on product innovation & technology. The goal of Stellar Scientific aligns with that of Microlit, making this partnership a strong one, for us and our customers. 

To explore Microlit products on Stellar scientific, visit: Bottle Top Dispensers.

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