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Titration in the Digital Age: Connectivity and Data Recording with Electronic Burettes

In the era of technological advancement, titration, a cornerstone of analytical chemistry, undergoes a transformative evolution. Embracing the digital age, the integration of electronic burettes revolutionizes the landscape of titration methodologies. Connectivity and advanced data recording capabilities redefine precision and efficiency in analytical processes, marking a significant shift in the way we approach titration. To discuss more about this, let us start with the burette. To delve deeper into this topic, let’s begin our exploration by focusing on the burette.

What is Burette?

A burette, a staple in laboratories, serves a crucial role in conducting titrations. Titrations involve the use of a solution with a known concentration (titrant) to ascertain the unknown concentration of another solution (analyte). The completion or endpoint of the experiment is typically signaled by a visual indicator.

There are two prevalent types of burettes: glass burettes and digital burettes. Before delving into the superiority of electronic burettes (E-Burettes), let’s explore each of these options in detail.

  • Glass Burette

Glass Burette

A glass burette is a fundamental laboratory apparatus used primarily for titrations and precise liquid dispensing. Comprising a graduated glass tube with a stopcock at the bottom, it facilitates controlled release and measurement of liquid volumes during chemical analyses.

In titrations, a glass burette allows for the gradual addition of a titrant solution to an analyte solution until the desired reaction endpoint is achieved. The graduated scale along the length of the glass tube enables accurate measurement of the volume of liquid dispensed. Typically, a visual indicator, such as a color change, signals the completion of the titration.

  • Electronic Burette

Electronic Burette

An electronic burette such as the Microlit E-Burette, stands out as an advanced and thoughtfully designed instrument prioritizing ergonomics and user-friendly operation. It boasts sophisticated features, including motor-controlled piston movement, a touchscreen-enabled Control Panel featuring a graphical user interface (GUI), and calibrated pre-set speeds for executing exceptionally precise titrations.

Compared to traditional glass burettes, the Microlit E-Burette offers significantly higher accuracy. The risk of human error is virtually eliminated, thanks to the automation of most tasks, a notable improvement over both glass and digital burettes.

The innovation in motor-controlled piston movement addresses the limitations associated with manual dispensing in digital and glass burettes. The user-friendly touchscreen simplifies the titration process, providing real-time numeric data up to the second decimal. Users can choose from pre-set speeds during titrations, including the option for dropwise dispensing, ensuring precise endpoint determination. An enhanced dropwise dispensing feature, known as “One-Touch, One-Drop,” enables users to dispense reagents with extraordinary precision, even in the minutest volumes.

Connectivity and Data Recording with Microlit E-Burette Software

Featured 21 CFR

Microlit recognizes the prevalent adoption of electronic record-keeping in the industry. Hence, it becomes imperative to guarantee the security and integrity of stored data through the utilization of a software solution that aligns with the stringent regulations outlined in FDA 21 CFR Part 11. Building on this philosophy and following an extensive 12-month research and development phase, Microlit introduces the brand-new Microlit E-Burette Software, meticulously crafted to adhere to the guidelines set forth by FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

The Microlit E-Burette Software guarantees the utmost data integrity and connectivity through a range of features such as unalterable electronic records, multiple authentication checks, and stringent data privacy measures. Users have the capability to craft electronic records for titration experiments, seamlessly transferring readings (titre values) from the e-burette to our software. Leveraging user inputs and these readings, our software precisely calculates the analyte’s molarity. The data stored here holds significant value, and its safeguarding is paramount—we ensure its integrity by strictly adhering to FDA regulations.

The Microlit E-burette is now available for purchase alongside specialized computer software that complies with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulations, ensuring data security and controlled user access. This enhancement enables major pharmaceutical companies to confidently utilize the Microlit E-burette, knowing that their sensitive data will reside in secure servers.

For further details about the Microlit E-burette and the newly compliant FDA 21 CFR Part 11 software, please reach out to us via email at info-usa@microlit.com.

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