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What Makes Our Bottle Top Dispensers Exhibit Excellent Chemical Compatibility?

Working safely with corrosive chemicals and with the correct laboratory equipment is crucial. A Bottle Top Dispenser (BTD) could be one of the most important pieces of equipment for labs in the healthcare & life science industry that use chemicals & reagents of this nature on a frequent basis. It is mounted on bottles containing reagents and is used for sample preparation, to dispense them in smaller, convenient-to-handle amounts for carrying out experiments and studies.

Bottle Top Dispensers If the material of a dispenser is not compatible with the reagent to be dispensed, it can cause various issues like damage to the dispenser, leaks or unwanted reactions which might result in unpleasant laboratory accidents. For this reason, scientists or researchers must pay close attention while purchasing a dispenser.

Most of the companies that manufacture dispensers have different instruments for organic and inorganic chemicals. However, Microlit has disrupted that norm by creating a range of Bottle Top Dispensers that are compatible with both organic and inorganic chemicals.

Microlit Bottle Top Dispenser – The Game Changer

Unlike the dispensers available in the market that are either compatible with organic solvents or inorganic solvents, Microlit Bottle Top Dispensers have been manufactured with a sophisticated blend of features; they can be used to dispense both organic and inorganic solvents. Buying separate dispensers for different reagents is not only an added effort but also makes the procurement of laboratory equipment costly.

In addition to this high compatibility, Microlit Bottle Top Dispensers can also be used to dispense alkaline solutions.


Features that Set Microlit Bottle Top Dispensers Apart

SpringlessValve Technology

Microlit Bottle Top Dispensers are equipped with the award-winning SpringlessValve technology. A traditional dispenser is fitted with two valves with glass balls; the outlet valve which is horizontal requires a spring to function. But in Microlit Bottle Top Dispenser, both the inlet and outlet valves are vertical and do not require a spring. The SpringlessValve technology makes the dispenser universal and compatible with both organic and inorganic solvents. 

 SpringlessValve™The issues that the SpringlessValve technology solves: 

a) The spring, when it’s present, becomes a surface for deposition of chemicals which, in most cases, leads to jamming. The valve has to be regularly cleaned or replaced completely. 

b) There is no contamination or reaction of the reagent being used as there is no spring. Eventually, it is convenient for the laboratories as they do not need to procure different dispensers for different solvents based on the material of the spring.

PTFE Piston with ETP O-Ring

The presence of PTFE Piston with an ETP O-Ring in Microlit Bottle Top Dispensers makes them lucrative to customers. The piston in the dispensers is made from PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), an incredibly versatile material with high chemical compatibility that leaves no room for any unwanted reaction of the reagent with the piston material. Further, as PTFE is self-lubricating, smooth movement of the piston is always guaranteed.

PTFE Piston with ETP O-RingThe ETP O-Ring also has significant chemical resistance which makes it a favourable material. It is elastic and moves in a wiper-like manner, preventing crystallization of alkaline solutions between the barrel and the piston. As crystallization does not happen, there is no jamming of the piston.

Volume Adjustment Knob

Microlit Bottle Top Dispensers are fitted with Volume Adjustment Knobs that are made from PEEK (polyetheretherketVolume Adjustment Knobone) which has a very stable chemical structure. It highly compatible with chemicals and is also resistant to wear and tear. 

This is a positive feature as it makes the dispensers durable even after continuous usage and movement. PEEK is also corrosion-resistant, a big benefit as a number of chemicals used in a lab are corrosive in nature.

Valve Ball and Seat Material

The valve ball and the seat of Microlit Bottle Top Dispensers are made of ceramic as it has high chemical compatibility and is non-reactive. It also has a higher density as compared to glass, which is widely used in the manufacturing of dispensers, improving the performance of the valve system while opening and closing.

Microlit is known for its innovative solutions that constructively address the industry’s current pain-points. Our universal Bottle Top Dispensers are a step in the same direction, enhancing the everyday lab routine of our customers with the right blend of ergonomics, high compatibility and cost-effectiveness.

To check the compatibility of various chemicals and reagents with our Bottle Top Dispensers, click here.

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