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Why is Drop Wise Dispensing essential for accurate titrations?

Titration is a common laboratory technique used to determine the concentration of an unknown solution or an analyte. The technique involves slowly or dropwise adding a solution of known concentration or a titrant to a fixed volume of analyte until neutralization or endpoint is achieved. It is indicated by a color change of the indicator used or the formation of a precipitate. The titrant is filled in the burette and released slowly into the analyte in an Erlenmeyer flask.

Titration is commonly used in various industries to analyze chemical compounds and find their application in many fields. These include environmental studies, wastewater analysis, winemaking, pharmacology, and nutritional implications of food products. 

What is dropwise dispensing?

When using conventional or digital burettes to perform the titrations, you need to find the correct dispensing speed. If the speed of dispensing is too fast, you may exceed the equivalence point and get an inaccurate result. This is because the manual dispensing wheel in such burettes is not electronically controlled and introduces the chance of human error. These abrupt manual speed changes may lead to inaccurate results. Thus, attaining the endpoint of the titration experiment becomes a challenging task. 

To eliminate such problems, an electronic burette with a motor controlled piston enables the user to add the titrant from the burette drop by drop to the analyte in the conical flask when they are about to reach the equivalence point. 

How does it help in achieving accurate titrations?

Microlit E-Burette provides 3 independently calibratable speeds – fast speed, medium speed and drop-wise dispensing speed to enable the user to precisely control the dispensing of the titrant. The drop-wise dispensing is essential to attain a precise and accurate endpoint. When starting the titration experiment, the user may add the titrant into the flask in a continuous stream on fast or medium speeds, but when the indicator color starts to change, the user may switch to the drop wise speed selection and dispense 10ul in every touch. Each drop dispensed is accurately reflected in the control panel and helps the user note the exact end point of the titration.

Electronic burettes have revolutionized how titration experiments are carried out. They are advanced instruments that are built with ergonomics and intuitive handling in mind.

Microlit E-burette drop-wise dispensing – Banner

Why is dropwise dispensing only possible in electronic burette?

Electronic burette or E-Burette has various sophisticated features and functionality such as touchscreen control panel with three preset speeds including a drop by drop. Accurate dropwise dispensing of 10ul on each click is only possible in E-burette because the dispensing speed in the conventional burette cannot be fixed and has to be manually controlled. The hand-wheel operation makes it difficult to deliver precise and fine control over the dispensing speed. The e-burette replaces the hand-wheel operation with a one-touch one-drop dispensing speed mode. It offers an accurate dispensing capability that provides high control over the dispensing speed while helping in achieving a quick and precise equivalence point.

More features of Microlit E-Burette

The other sophisticated features of the Microlit E-Burette include:

TFT Touch Screen Control Panel

TFT Touchscreen is a user-friendly screen that guides the user to perform quick and accurate titrations. It also displays numeric data up to the second decimal. The user needs to keep the Stylus pressed against it to perform dispensing and lift it to stop at once. The touch screen omits the parallax error as well. 

Motor Controlled Piston Movement

The Microlit E-burette has a Motor Controlled Piston Movement that facilitates the user to perform precise and comfortable titrations. It reduces human effort and eliminates errors making it the most efficient lab instrument for liquid handling. 

FlexiNozzle to Dispense Solutions

FlexiNozzle is an adjustable delivery nozzle in the E-burette that offers a high degree of flexibility in horizontal and vertical directions. This facilitating easy dispensing in demanding laboratory conditions.

These are just a few features of the Microlit E-Burette. To know more about the product, visit https://www.microlit.us/product-category/burette/.

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