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Dispense HF Acid Fearlessly with the New Microlit Lentus™

Bottle Top Dispensers are used in labs to conveniently dispense accurate volumes of acids, bases & other reagents. While they are easy to use and offer a safe way to deliver aliquots, traditional dispensers with glass barrels cannot be used to dispense highly corrosive chemicals like Hydrofluoric acid (HF) and other high-purity media as these may erode the inner surface of the equipment, forming cracks and leading to fatal mishaps.

Addressing the market need for a Hydrofluoric acid dispenser

While speaking to our customers, the Microlit team realized that there is a pressing need for a dispenser that can safely dispense Hydrofluoric acid and High Purity Media. This inspired the development of a new-age dispenser called MICROLIT LENTUS™.

Microlit Lentus™ is a bottle Top Dispenser engineered with carefully selected & tested materials to safely & accurately dispense highly aggressive chemicals like Hydrofluoric acid directly from the reservoir bottle. It is calibrated following the guidelines of DIN EN ISO 8655 – 5.

Because of its specialized make, Microlit Lentus™ can easily be used to handle high-purity media. We have found that when they are dispensed using this dispenser post the requisite equipment cleaning, the high-purity reagents release virtually no metal ions. Conclusively, Microlit Lentus™ can also facilitate trace analysis as it is suitable for dispensing high-purity media used in the process.

Applications of Microlit Lentus™

Dispensing Hydrofluoric acid

What it is – Hydrofluoric acid is an extremely corrosive and hazardous chemical. To give you an idea of how corrosive it is, consider this: If accidentally spilt on the skin, the acid penetrates the upper layer easily, further dissociates into fluoride ions, destroying deep tissue layers, including bones.

Usage – Hydrofluoric acid is used to make most fluorine-containing compounds. Examples include the commonly used pharmaceutical antidepressant medication fluoxetine (Prozac) and the material PTFE (Teflon). It is also used to etch glass and silicon wafers.

Safely dispensing Hydrofluoric acid with Microlit Lentus™– Microlit Lentus™ adds high safety & convenience to the process of dispensing Hydrofluoric acid. It offers the combined advantage of a traditional bottle top dispenser along with the ability to dispense high purity media because it’s made using chemically-inert materials and features components like PTFE Piston & an ETP O-Ring, FEP inlet & outlet tubes, FEP Barrel, and a high purity ceramic valve system.

Facilitating trace analysis

Significance – Trace analysis refers to using analytical methods to detect traces, i.e., significantly low amounts of a substance in another substance. It is used to determine the purity of a substance that may include anything from metals, noble metals, radionuclides to volatile organic compounds, etc. The results of this process are expressed in parts per million (ppm).

How Microlit Lentus™ can facilitate the process – While it is designed to dispense Hydrofluoric acid, Microlit Lentus™ also facilitates trace analysis. This is because the components of its fluid path are made using chemically-inert materials like PTFE, FEP and high-purity ceramic, suitable for precise volume dispensing of high-purity media used in trace analysis.

Prominent Features of Microlit Lentus™

Built by our in-house team of product design engineers, Microlit Lentus™ uses Springless Valve™, an award-winning technology, and Recirculation Valve for preventing loss of reagent during purging. It also features two product innovations, EasyKnob™ and FlexiNozzle™ that enhance its ease of use & flexibility.

●. EasyKnob™ is a specially designed volume adjustment knob that allows 180° rotation for easy & effortless volume setting.

●. Recirculation Valve prevents the loss of reagents during purging by re-directing them into the mounted bottle and facilitates bubble-free dispensing.

●. Springless Valve™ facilitates smooth & jam-free functioning.

●. FlexiNozzle™ is an adjustable delivery nozzle. It offers a high degree of flexibility, facilitating easy dispensing in demanding laboratory conditions.

Industries where Microlit Lentus™can be used

Microlit Lentus™ finds application in various industries like polymer manufacturing, glass, fluorocarbons, uranium/atomic energy, metal pickling, petrochemicals, oil refining, pharma, consumer products (FMCG), geochemistry, agrochemicals, etc.

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If working with strong chemicals is a routine thing for you, you already know that using incorrect dispensing methods or unsuitable dispensing instruments may lead to reagent contamination, wastage, or mishap. Therefore, use specialized equipment like Microlit Lentus™ along with safety gear to work fearlessly with the highly corrosive Hydrofluoric acid and other high-purity media and obtain precise results.

Interested in making Microlit Lentus™ a part of your lab or want to know more about it? Write to info-usa@microlit.com.

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