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Experience Precision with the NEW Microlit ProTipTM

When a lab professional says that a pipette is only as good as the pipette tip it is used with, s/he is not exaggerating. Tips may appear like one of those trivial lab items, but they are, in reality, an integral part of the liquid handling process. In fact, if you want to perform accurate & precise experiments, a lot of that success depends on the tips you choose. Moreover, pipette tips are of varying build & make – they might be standard or specialized, have chemical additives, may exhibit low retention, etc. If you do not pick up the right one, it will meddle with the correctness of your test results. 


So, if you are planning to buy high-quality pipettes but save time & money by buying the first set of low cost tips you can find, think twice! Simply put,

        “If you want to make a big difference, focus on the little things.”

To help you out further, in this blog, we will shed some light on the new and innovative Microlit ProTipTM and discuss what makes it the right choice for your pipetting experiments.


Microlit ProTipTM – A Grade Apart

We have recently launched ProTipTM to help lab users get ready access to pipette tips that ensure high precision & accuracy and can be used with most micropipettes in the market. 

  • High compatibility leads to more convenience

ProTipTM is compatible with all micropipettes featuring universal tip cones. Universal tip cones, as found in Microlit RBO and the new range of Microlit NERO micropipettes, are designed to fit different styles/geometries of pipette tips. And, ProTipTM is designed to be backward-compatible with such pipettes. Also, it’s Manufacturer Recommended to be used with Microlit RBO and Microlit NERO micropipettes to obtain the highest levels of precision and accuracy.  

  • Low retention leads to efficient dispensing

Another key feature of Microlit ProTipTM is that it’s extraordinarily low retention capability which enhances the performance of pipettes and facilitates accurate experiments. ProTipTM exhibits a much higher degree of hydrophobic behaviour (does not retain water) than standard tips and can be used to fully dispense highly viscous liquids like DNA, enzymes, foaming liquids, detergent and plasma.


Types of tips

Microlit ProTipTM is available in micro (up to 1000 ul) and macro sizes (up to 10 ml) in standard (non-filter, non-sterile) and filtered varieties, in racked, reloads and bulk packaging.

Macro tips are used to carry out safe and efficient handling of reagents of larger volume and are compatible with macro pipettes. They are used to handle reagents ranging from 5 ml to 10 ml. On the other hand, micro tips are used to efficiently handle smaller volumes of reagents ranging from 0.5 ul to 1250 ul. 

Filtered tipsFiltered tips are used to avoid cross-contamination from one sample to another. While carrying out experiments, even the tiniest foreign particle can sometimes lead to a huge difference in the result. The filter prevents the pipette from being contaminated by the sample and the sample by the pipette. Filtered tips are also being widely used for sensitive Covid19 diagnostic tests. Microlit ProTipTM offers a range of filtered tips (R-XX-FS) for such sensitive applications. 

Shown above: Microlit ProTipTM Low Retention, 10ul, Filtered Tip

To achieve the highest pipetting accuracy, select the tips with capacity just higher 
than or equal to the nominal volume of the pipette that you are using. For instance, 
for use with RBO-20 (Nominal Volume of 20 ul), R-20-NS ProTip (see chart below ) will 
ensure higher accuracy as compared to R-200-NS, even though both tips will be 
compatible with the pipette.

Packaging for tips

Further, various types of tips packaging, including Racked, Reload and Bulk Packaging can be selected from, basis the quantity requirement and bench space availability in lab.


Racked packagingRacked packaging for tips is convenient and allows the scientist or researcher to pick them up by a pipette. This helps in keeping the tips free of any contamination. 



Shown above: Microlit ProTipTM Low Retention, Racked, Non-Sterile Tips

Reload packaging is a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly option to racked pipette tips since the same plastic box can be used with replaceable reloads.

Bulk packaging is more economical and retains a large number of tips in it. It usually comes in resealable ziplock bags to keep contaminants like dust away from the tips.

Bulk packaging

            Shown above: Microlit ProTipTM Models with Volume Range & Pack Size 


Microlit is committed to introducing innovative products that improve the accuracy of experiments and efficiency in labs. Microlit ProTipTM, one of our newest offerings, is highly compatible with liquid handling instruments and ensures high accuracy & precision. It enables scientists and researchers to pipette with assured accuracy and with complete peace of mind.

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