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How to use a Micropipette

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To use the micropipette properly, there are a few steps that need to be followed:

  1. Set the desired volume of the micropipette.
  2. To aspirate, Press and hold the plunger at the first stop.
  3. Place the tip in the liquid vertically.
    Note: The angle should not exceed 20 degrees. With changing angle, the hydrostatic pressure inside the pipette tip varies. As a result, the aspirated volume will be inconsistent. It is best to immerse the pipette tips just below the surface (2-3 mm) of the liquid to allow the desired volume to be aspirated. Immersing the pipette tip too deeply increases the risk of liquid droplets sticking to the outside of the pipette tip. final hai
  4. Release the plunger slowly to draw up the liquid into the tip.
  5. Pause, and then move the tip out from the liquid container carefully.
  6. Insert the tip into the delivery vessel.
  7. Make sure that the tip touches the inner wall of the vessel (it is recommended to tilt the tips at 45 degree for proper liquid release) and then press the plunger to the second stop.
  8. Pause, and then take the tip out from the vessel.
  9. Remove the tip with the help of the tip ejector when done with the experiment. For high precision, remember to change the tip frequently by ejecting into a waste container.