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What are the parts/ components of Micropipette?

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Micropipettes are accessible in numerous designs and sizes. In any case, there are certain components that are basic and common to all the pipettes. These components of micropipette are:

  1. Plunger: It is mainly used to perform the two functions: Volume adjustment and Liquid aspiration/ dispensing
  2. Tip Ejector: In order to allow the safe, effortless, and quick ejection of tips, micropipettes are provided with a tip ejector.
  3. Volume Display: This shows the volume of the liquid to be aspirated or dispensed.
  4. Tipcone: The tipcone provides fitment to the tips. A micropipette with a universal tipcone is recommended because it increases the instrument’s compatibility with most of the standard tips.
  5. Gripy: It helps to support and hold the micropipette comfortably.