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What are the applications of Micropipette?

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Some of the major fields where micropipette is widely used are:

  • Pharmaceuticals: It assists in various pharmaceutical experiments ranging from sampling and analysis of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), impurities, excipients and pharmaceutical solutions to pharmaceutical starting materials, including finished pharmaceutical products (FPP).
  • Health Care: It is essential in healthcare divisions such as blood banks and pathology labs to prepare blood and plasma samples to initiate any kind of testing.
  • Food & Beverage: It requires in Research, Production and Analysis & Quality Control of food and its related products – especially Beverages & Drinking Water, Milk & Dairy Products and Edible Fats & Oils.
  • Environmental Monitoring: Helps in different kind of testing related to soil, water and pollution control.
  • Academic & Research Institutes: Gives the easy lab access to students and reasearchers in various life sciences applications including Cell and Tissue Culture, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry and Stem Cell Research.
  • Diagnostic Kits: Micropipettes empower your Diagnostic Kits by offering a sophisticated blend of mobility and accuracy in  pathogen detection, veterinary testing, meat speciation, fish speciation, GMO detection, allergen testing, etc.
  • Life Sciences: Molecular biology research and related experiments like DNA RNA Purification, PCR, RT PCR, Primers & Probes, Cloning, Proteomics and Drug Discovery.