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How to pipette correctly?

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A properly calibrated pipette is an accurate and precise instrument in the hands of a skilled user. However, like with any precise device, the incorrect technique can have a negative impact on test results.

The following steps need to follow for correct pipetting:

  1. Set the volume on the pipette.
  2. Depress the pipette plunger.
  3. Immerse the tip to the correct depth, which can vary by pipette and tip, and let the plunger rest.
  4. Wait for one second for the liquid to flow into the tip.
  5. Hold the pipette at 10-45° against the wall of the receiving chamber, and gently press the plunger to the first stop.
  6. Wait for a second and then push the plunger to the second stop.
  7. Slide the tip to the wall of the vessel to remove the pipette.
  8. Allow the plunger to return to the resting position.

It is recommended to use the original or branded tips along with the micropipette.