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When is micropipette calibration required?

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Accuracy and precision in micropipette measurement are required since any difference in dispensed volumes can affect the findings of an experiment. Pipette calibration must be checked every few months to ensure accuracy. The calibration procedure checks to see if the instrument is dispensing the correct volumes and, if not, how to fix it.

The Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CSLI) recommends that micropipettes or pipettes (Both single and multi-channel) be calibrated every 3 to 6 months. At least two volumes should be tested (nominal and lowest setting) with ten replicates on each volume.

Tips: Large variations in the testing environment, such as temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure, may have an effect on evaporation during calibration, resulting in an incorrect test.

It is also critical to allow the pipettes to adjust to the calibration atmosphere for at least an hour before performing the calibration.